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The Wiki is divided into six sections:'''
The Wiki is divided into six sections:'''
*'''Tobacco Industry:'''  
*'''Tobacco Companies'''  
*'''Tobacco Litigation:'''  
*'''Tobacco Litigation'''  
*'''Political Donations:'''  
*'''Political Donations'''  
*'''Tobacco Sales'''
*'''Tobacco Sales'''
*'''Tobacco Marketing'''
*'''Tobacco Marketing'''

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Other areas of this Wiki

The Wiki uses several sources, including:

  • Tobacco companies annual reports from 2013 until present
  • Tobacco companies websites
  • Lobbying registers in the United States and the EU
  • Research websites, including Campaign for Tobacco-Free Kids, Tobacco Tactics by University of Bath and others
  • News articles, announcements and press releases

If you have any questions or suggestion, please contact drosen@tobaccofreekids.org.

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  2. World Health Organization,WHO Report on the global tobacco epidemic2008, Accessed September 2018