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Philip Morris International, the world’s largest publicly traded tobacco company, operates in approximately 180 countries and reported 18.31 billion USD (2017 Annual report) in profits in 2017. PMI, a U.S.-based corporation, only sells its products outside the U.S. PMI was separated from its parent company, the Altria Group, in March 2008, in part to protect the company from increased U.S.-based regulation and Litigation. Although PMI and Altria are now legally separate companies, PMI’s leadership remains largely the same as it was under Altria.


  • Estimated international cigarette and heated tobacco unit volume, excluding China and the United States, of 2.8 trillion, is down by 2.8 percent
  • Cigarette and heated tobacco unit shipment volume of 798.2 billion is down by 2.7 percent. Best year-to-date for Reduced-risk products (RRPs)
  • Reported net revenues of USD 78.1 billion is up by 4.2 percent
  • PMI increased its regular quarterly dividend by 2.9 percent, from USD1.04 to 1.07, representing an annualized rate of USD 4.28per common share
  • 2018 will see a restructure six Regional market segments (from the existing four) to support PMI’s business transformation
  • 4.6 million adult consumers around the world have already stopped smoking and made change to IQOS