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Organization/Company Tobacco company relationship Relationship type Evidence of past or present formalized relationship
Wunderman Thompson Advertising and PR British American Tobacco is a client of Wunderman Thompson Commerce. At this year's eCommerce Award, Wunderman has won Best Specialist/Other eCommerce Award for British American Tobacco's digital transformation. According to Wunderman's website, British American Tobacco tasked Wunderman Thompson Commerce to work on the company's three new category brands, Vuse, Glo and Velo. According to the website: "Wunderman Thompson Commerce undertook customer research to understand frictions and opportunities for the website and to create experience principals for a customer-centric subscriptions proposition. This led to the CX reset, rolled out to 15 markets, and a complete revamp of their subscriptions offering. With a shared UX framework, design and content guidelines and asset libraries, end-markets now have access to shared assets and have seen an increase in conversion, average order value, subscriptions and revenue." [1] 2021
Flock Associates Marketing Flock is The Marketing Transformation Company. Flock focus on the operational aspects of marketing, improving marketing effectiveness & efficiency for clients such as British American Tobacco. [2] 2021
Society for Research on Nicotine and Tobacco Annual Conference Event The Board of Directors of the Society for Research on Nicotine and Tobacco banned employees of the tobacco industry from attending its annual conference as of 2022. [3] 2021
Hurlock Beckman Award Trust Stock holder Nonprofit Explorer by Propublica revealed the Foundation holds British American Tobacco stocks with the end of Year Fair Market Value of USD 7,979. [4] 2021
Robert F Schumann Foundation Stock holder Nonprofit Explorer by Propublica revealed the Foundation holds British American Tobaccostocks with the end of Year Fair Market Value of USD 32,465. [5] 2021
Goulder Family Foundation Stock holder Nonprofit Explorer by Propublica revealed the Foundation holds British American Tobacco stocks with the end of Year Fair Market Value of USD 37,467. [6] 2021
VITA of Canada Lobbying VITA is Canada’s largest vaping industry trade association. VUSE is listed on its Board of Directors. [7] 2021
Engage BCW Public relations The Bureau of Investigative Journalism reported, an employee of a Kenyan PR agency working for British American Tobacco offered a bribe to a journalist to leak details of the Bureau’s investigation into how the company has targeted young non-smokers. BAT since parted company with the agency. [8] 2021
Green Zebras Market research Green Zebras released infographics, published in the New Straits Times, showing public agreement that high prices feed the black market, smokers are turning to cheaper smuggled cigarettes, COVID-19 is fuelling the illicit market, and small businesses are hurt by the illicit tobacco market. The company did not disclose the client for this work - British American Tobacco. [9] 2021
Finnacial Times Marketing The BAT Group has been named as a diversity leader by the Financial Times for a second consecutive year. [10] 2020
TR Business Sponsorship British American Tobacco signed up as official sponsor of the Tobacco Category Insights webinar in September 2020. [11] 2020
London Symphony Orchestra Sponsorship The London Symphony Orchestra still receives sponsorship from British American Tobacco. [12] 2019
Global Tobacco and Nicotine Forum Event The event is run by the Tobacco Merchants Association, a US-based organization which hosts discussions regarding nicotine and tobacco issues. The organization also owns and runs the Tobacco Reporter magazine. [13] David O’Reilly, director of scientific research for British American Tobacco was be one of the speakers at the 2019 Forum in Washington DC and the 2020 virtual meeting (with Kingsley Wheaton, chief marketing officer). [14] </ref> GFNF website, 2020 AGENDA, May 2020, Accessed 1 December 2020 </ref> 2021
Politico PR British American Tobacco and Philip Morris International advertised with Politico in June 2019. [15] 2019
IsoNTech Conference Event Developers, manufactures and distributors of eCigsar invited to demonstrate new products and discuss their design and development at IsoNTech Conference. Representatives from British American Tobacco (Chris Proctor), Philip Morris International (Gizelle Baker) and Juul (Erik Augustson) were present. [16] 2019
Kantar Media PR BAT commissioned Kantar Media in 2017 to conduct a global media review. The review identified the key issues covered by the tobacco industry and FMCG peer companies; relevant national and international regulation; international standards and frameworks, such as the UN Sustainable Development Goals; external reports and allegations regarding BAT or the tobacco industry; and risk monitoring and outlook reports, such as those of the World Economic Forum. [17] 2017
FTI Consulting PR FTI Consulting is listed as British America Tobacco's press contact for global media releases. [18] 2020
Geometry Global Event Geometry Global Japan has curated an art installation, “Do-Re-Mi-Rella by glo”. The event is designed for British American Tobacco Japan which launched the next-generation tobacco device “glo” in Sendai in December 2016. [19] Geometry controversially removed a black artist from a campaign for British American Tobacco device Glo shortly before the campaign launched, in a move that appears to be connected to the Black Lives Matter movement. [20] 2017
Sard Verbinnen PR Sard Verbinnen & Co., LLC provides strategic communications advice and services that help clients in managing their position and specific events affecting their reputation, business, and market value. The company also provides services in the areas of corporate positioning that include development of strategies and initiatives based on research, judgment, and thinking for individuals and institutions; and offers communication advisory services to boards and senior management of public and private organizations, as well as small and mid-cap companies. 2017
EUK Consulting PR & Lobbying EUK is Westminster and Brussels based consultancy, providing; bespoke public affairs, lobbying and issues-management services, political consultants, politics, british politics, London parliament. [21] 2017
Red Flag PR Red Flag is an international consultancy specialising in strategic communications, government relations, crisis management and regulatory engagement. The company was listed as lobbyists for British American Tobacco in 2016 EU talks regarding implementation of FCTC. [22] Red Flag spent more than EUR 300,000 on its Brussels operations last year, with its clients including Pernod Ricard, British American Tobacco and American pesticide producer Monsanto.[23] 2017
Ogilvy Hong Kong PR According to the company's website, Ogilvy has been working with British American Tobacco for 15 years. [24] 2016
APCO Worldwide PR Former British American Tobacco executive Sulaiman Beydoun who managed communications and engagement for the Middle East Area sits on the company's International Advisory Board.[25] 2020
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