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Organization/Company Tobacco company relationship Relationship type Evidence of past or present formalized relationship
Tax Free World Association (TFWA) World Exhibition & Conference Event 2021 Imperial Brands exhibited in Cannes at the Tax Free World Association (TFWA) World Exhibition & Conference to showcase. [1]
Cornerstone Lobbying 2021 Cornerstone added Imperial Tobacco in Australia to its client list in in January 2021. [2]
UN Global Compact CSR 2021 The United Nations Global Compact Ukraine, an initiative promoting responsible business practices, recently named international tobacco giant Imperial Tobacco as one of “the most responsible and far-sighted companies in Ukraine.” [3]
Retailers Against Smuggling Lobbying Retailers Against Smuggling is an Irish organization that gathers retailers' efforts to prevent illicit trade in the country. It is funded by the Irish Tobacco Manufacturers Advisory Committee, composed of JTI Ireland, Imperial Tobacco and British American Tobacco subsidiaries.[4] 2019
International Chamber of Commerce Lobbying This Paris-based organization was founded in 1919 and bills itself as the world's largest business organization. It regularly issues reports sympathetic to the tobacco industry and lobbied against plain packaging proposals. British American Tobacco, Japan Tobacco International and Philip Morris International sit on its influential anti counterfeiting and piracy initiative. [5] 2019
Digital Coding & Tracking Association (DCTA) Members The Digital Coding and Tracking Association (DCTA) is a front group, launched in 2013 by the four multinational tobacco companies: British American Tobacco, Imperial Tobacco, Japan Tobacco International and Philip Morris International. The DCTA has promoted the industry’s tobacco tracking and tracing technology, Codentify, often without disclosing its relationship to the tobacco industry.[6] 2019
(EY)Ernst & Young Global Limited Audit Imperial Brands appointed EY as its auditors at the 2019 AGM. [7] 2021
PricewaterhouseCoopers LLP Audit PwC were Imperial Tobacco's auditors until 2019. [8] 2019
KPMG Audit KPMG LLP UK prepared a report on Illicit tobacco in New Zealand for Imperial Tobacco New Zealand Limited.[9]

A KPMG conducted a study for British American Tobacco, Imperial Tobacco, Japan Tobacco International and Philip Morris International that revealed one in every ten cigarettes consumed in the European Union in 2013 were illicit. [10]

Pinsent Masons LLP Litigation Pinsent Masons LLP provided legal advice in respect of the operation of the Group’s employee share plans. [8]:71 2017
Allen & Overy LLP Litigation Allen & Overy LLP is available to provide legal advice to Imperial Tobacco's Renumeration Committee as and when required. It was not used for remuneration-related advice during the financial year. Allen & Overy LLP also provided other legal services to the Group. [8]:71 2017
The Kangaroo Group Lobbying The Kangaroo Group promotes free trade across the European Union. In 2017, the Group’s tobacco industry members were listed as Barry Ronan from British American Tobacco, Mario Muller from the Confederation of European Community Cigarette Manufacturers, Alan Hardacre from Imperial Tobacco, Kristof Doms from Philip Morris International and Paolo Bochicchio from Japan Tobacco International. [11] 2020
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