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Organization/Company Tobacco company relationship Relationship type Evidence of past or present formalized relationship
Bloomberg Gender-Equality Index Philip Morris international has been added to the 2021 Bloomberg Gender-Equality Index for its transparency in gender reporting and advancing women’s equity. [1] 2021
Bob Woodruff Foundation Foundation Philip Morris international supported the Flag of United States veterans virtual @Stand4Heroes concert in 2020. [2] 2020
Public Relations Society of the Philippines Association Philip Morris International's Vice President for Global Communications Tommaso di Giovanni spoke at the 2021 event. <refPMI exec pushes for public discussions on better alternatives to cigarettes, Newsinfo, 18 February 2021, Accessed 11 March 2021 </ref> 2021
U.S. Department of Homeland Security Government Agency Philip Morris International Inc. (PMI) (NYSE: PM) today signed a memorandum of understanding (MOU) with the National Intellectual Property Rights Coordination Center (IPR Center) at the U.S. Department of Homeland Security (DHS) to assist and support Homeland Security Investigations’ (HSI) illicit tobacco trade operations and other intellectual property rights investigations. “We are thrilled to partner with DHS and the IPR Center to combat the illicit tobacco trade,” said PMI’s head of illicit trade prevention for the U.S. Hernan Albamonte. “This partnership will provide both parties necessary information to thwart terrorist and criminal organizations that profit from the trade of illicit tobacco and jeopardize our national security.” [3] 2021
Burson Cohn & Wolfe PR firm The Australian Retailers Association (ARA) ended its relationship with global PR firm Burson Cohn & Wolfe, which had channelled funds from Philip Morris. According to the media, the association signed a $250,000 contract on February 1, 2020 to lobby the government for e-cigarettes to be legalised, on health grounds. The contract included an option to extend for a further six months, which would have taken total payments to AUD 500,000 over 12 months. Burson Cohn & Wolfe began working with the ARA in August 2019, initially under different financial arrangements. It’s believed that ARA had earlier contracts directly with Philip Morris. The Burson Cohn & Wolfe contracts were set up after the board expressed growing unease with taking tobacco funding. [4] 2021
DK Festival Event PMI’s Senior Vice President of Global Communications, Marian Salzman spoke at the virtual DK festival in Croatia.[5] 2020
World Business Council on Sustainable Development Professional Association Philip Morris is listed as one of the members of the World Business Council on Sustainable Development. [6] 2020
Foreign Policy Event This FP Virtual Dialogue brought together leaders from across U.S. policy, industry and civil society to discuss how U.S. policy and business innovation can be activated to drive transformation domestically and support the future of American leadership in the post-COVID world, inclusive representatives of Philip Morris International. [7]

In 2020, a report was produced by FP Analytics with support from the Foundation for a Smoke-Free World. FP Analytics is the independent research division of the FP Group. [8]

The Hill Event Philip Morris International sponsored the Century of a Woman event. [9]

The The Hill's Sustainability Imperative event was sponsored by Philip Morris International. [10]

HORIZONT Digital Marketing Days 2020 Event Philip Morris International CMO Thorsten Scheibs smoke at HORIZONT Digital Marketing Days 2020. [11] 2020
3rd Scientific Summit Event PMI scientists presented at the 3rd Scientific Summit in Greece, which was held virtually September 24-25 in 2020. The conference aims to address Tobacco Harm Reduction and bring in thought leaders worldwide to discuss and present the different vital facts and figures related to the topic of Tobacco Harm Reduction. [12] 2020
Virtual CIO Symposium Event New Statesman Media Group’s Virtual CIO Symposium on Thursday 15 October will feature European CIO leaders managing thousands of technology staff and billions of pounds of IT and innovation investment. Philip Morris CTO and CIO Michael Voegele will speak at the event. [13] 2020
Romanian Design Week Event Sponsorship IQOS was a partner of the main exhibition at the Romanian Design Week, which takes place at the Plastic Fund Plant, where it presented the IQOS World concept installation: A new perspective. [14] 2020
Diplomatic Courier Event PMI COO Jacek Olczak joined the Diplomatic Courier’s “The SDG’s in Action Forum” event discussing “Industry, Infrastructure and Innovation.” [15] 2020
The Hill Event Silke Muenster, Chief Diversity Officer, addressed The Hill’s “Work Defined” virtual event. Marian Salzman, Senior Vice President, Global Communications, addressed The Hill’s “Century of the Woman” event. [16] 2020
Dow Jones Event André Calantzopoulos was a panelist in a custom event with Dow Jones' The Trust on “Multilateral Approaches to Improve Population Health”. Dr. Moira Gilchrist, Vice President of Strategic and Scientific Communications, joined the Dow Jones' The Trust in a custom event panel on “Public Private Collaborative Strategies for Information Sharing". [16] 2020
Financial Times Event Marian Salzman and Silke Muenster participated in the Financial Times’ event “Accelerating Equality,” to mark the 25th Anniversary of the UN Conference on Women. [16] Silke Muenster, Chief Diversity Officer at Philip Morris International, spoke at FT's event. [17] 2020
Intervals Funding Philip Morris International R&D has created INTERVALS, an online platform open to scientists from both academia and industry, meant to enable third-party collaboration and data analysis. The website and the associated data warehouse are developed in collaboration with Emakina and Edelweiss Connect GmbH. [18] 2020
The Economist Event In a recently held webinar organized by The Economist entitled, “Defying conventional wisdom: Promoting a fact-based approach,” PMI Chief Operating Officer Jacek Olczak discussed the challenges of institutions embracing "transformative new ways of doing business". [19] In November 2020, Vassilis Gkatzelis, Managing Director of Philip Morris Egypt & Levant, participated in a virtual panel discussion organised by the The Economist. [20] 2020
Future of Everything Festival Event In 2019, Philip Morris International attended the Wall Street Journal’s Future of Everything Festival in New York City. The annual event is a celebration of ideas and innovations that will form the future – both immediate and in the longer term. According to the company, "Over the four-day event, hundreds of attendees spoke to PMI representatives about the company’s smoke-free mission and the science and technology behind smoke-free products." [21] 2019
Strategic Investor Initiative Event CECP’s Strategic Investor Initiative presented their companies’ Long-Term Plans to institutional investors at CECP’s 8th CEO Investor Forum on February 24th, 2020, in New York City, André Calantzopoulos of CEO, Philip Morris International was amongst them. [22] 2020
APCO Worldwide PR APCO Worldwide was contracted to run the Foundation for Smoke-Free World’s operations in China (with a budget of USD 1.3 million) in 2019. [23]:47 A number of former Philip Morris executives either work for APCO or sit on the company's International Advisory Board, including:
  • CEO of Foundation for Smoke-Free World, Derek Yach sits on APCO’s Health Advisory Board (HAB), a subgroup of the International Advisory Board. He is currently not listed as member. [24]
  • Craig Fuller, former senior vice president for corporate affairs of Philip Morris in New York, sit on the International Advisory Board. [25]
  • Mary Foerster joined APCO’s International Advisory Board in June 2016. Previously she worked for PR firm Burson-Marsteller where she supported Philip Morris with 'strategic communications planning'. [26]
  • Project Consultant Bee Shin used to work in corporate affairs, marketing and sales for Philip Morris International. [27]
SustainAbility Event In 2019, the Foundation for Smoke-Free World contracted think tank SustainAbility to hold stakeholder meetings for its upcoming “Smokefree Index”. Of t the contracted meetings four went in Poland, Brazil, Japan and the U.K. and two were canceled.[23]:55 2019
The Society for Research on Nicotine & Tobacco Event Philip Morris International presented at the 26th Meeting of the Society for Research on Nicotine & Tobacco in New Orleans. Philip Morris International employees presented on an application that will "help model the health impact of introducing reduced risk tobacco product in the US" [28] The event is organised by the Tobacco Merchants Association, a US-based organization which hosts discussions regarding nicotine and tobacco issues. [29]

On February 24th 2021, Philip Morris International scientists shared their latest data at the 2021 Society for Research in Nicotine & Tobacco Annual Meeting (SRNT 2021). The meeting was held completely online and it focused on such important issues as social justice, health inequality, and action to correct health disparities. During the meeting, Philip Morris International scientists presented eight posters that highlight our research regarding tobacco and nicotine. [30]

The Hill Event "On January 30, Philip Morris International sponsored The Hill’s independent, editorial live event, “A More Perfect Union?”.Jacek Olczak, Chief Operating Officer of PMI and SVP Marian Salzman both spoke at the event. [31] 2020
Women in Leadership Economic Forum Event Women in Leadership Economic Forum is the largest female economic empowerment platform in the Middle East will gather some of the leading regional and international organizations. Melissa Whiting, Vice President Inclusion & Diversity at PMI spoke at the event in 2019. [32] 2019
Filter Magazine PR In 2018 and 2019, Philip Morris International funded Filter Magazine, Politico and Vice Media. Now, the Foundation is similarly funding media outlets, with USD 190,000 allocated to Filter Magazine for “feature-length pieces, short pieces and original videos”. [33] 2019
Politico PR In 2018 and 2019, Philip Morris International funded Filter Magazine, Politico and Vice Media. Now, the Foundation is similarly funding media outlets, with USD 190,000 allocated to Filter Magazine for “feature-length pieces, short pieces and original videos”. [34] 2019
Vice PR In 2018 and 2019, Philip Morris International funded Filter Magazine, Politico and Vice Media. Now, the Foundation is similarly funding media outlets, with USD 190,000 allocated to Filter Magazine for “feature-length pieces, short pieces and original videos”. [35] 2019
CEO Investor Forum Event The CEO Investor Forums are a new platform for senior business leaders from the world’s leading companies to present long-term plans to long-term oriented institutional investors. The eighth CEO Investor Forum will take place on February 24th, 2020 in New York City with presentations from Scott G. Stephenson, Chairman, President & CEO, Verisk Analytics; Stanley Bergman, Chairman & CEO, Henry Schein, Inc; André Calantzopoulos, CEO, Philip Morris International; and Thomas J. DeRosa Chairman and CEO; Welltower. [36] 2020
Handshake Strategic Consulting Philip Morris International has partnered with Handshake, a consulting firm, for a research study on how companies navigate business, market, societal factors in their transformation. [37] 2019
APEC CEO Summit Event TAPEC CEO Summit is part of the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation Forum. The consulting and auditing firm Pricewaterhouse Coopers will be participating as a Knowledge Partner. In the Platinum category are overseas companies Abbott, FedEx, Freeport, Marubeni, Merck, Pacific Hydro, and Philip Morris International.[38] The event was cancelled due to the political situation in Chile. 2019
SOFTCON Event The president of Philippine affiliate of PMI, Denis Gorkun spoke in the plenary session of the “SOFTCON.ph 7: The Philippine Software Industry Conference” organized by the Philippine Software Industry Association, a non-profit organization composed of around 150 IT companies. [39] 2019
Fabula Hill + Knowlton Strategies PR The Lithuanian Department of Drugs, Tobacco and Alcohol Control has received numerous complaints about a misleading social campaign promoting "smoking cessation" by the Lithuanian affiliate of Philip Morris International. The campaign was implemented by Fabula Hill + Knowlton Strategies, a public relations agency. [40] 2019
KAC Communications Event Anti-smoking groups have gone to war over a vaping conference in Melbourne amid allegations of intimidation of the event's attendees and secret tobacco industry funding. The Australian health bodies claim KAC Communications has financial ties to the Foundation of a Smoke-Free World, which was established with Philip Morris funding. [41] 2019
Global Tobacco and Nicotine Forum Event The event is run by the Tobacco Merchants Association, a US-based organization which hosts discussions regarding nicotine and tobacco issues. The organization also owns and runs the Tobacco Reporter magazine. [42] Moira Gilchrist, vice president of strategic and scientific communications at Philip Morris International spoke at the event in 2020. </ref> GFNF website, 2020 AGENDA, May 2020, Accessed 1 December 2020 </ref> Marc Firestone (President of external affairs and general counsel) and J B Simko ( VP of external affairs) for Philip Morris International were among speakers at the 2019 Forum in Washington DC. [43] 2020
Pantarhei Advisors Europe Lobbying According to Politico, among the lobbyists on the EU Transparency Register, representing Philip Morris International is lobby firm Pantarhei Advisors Europe. [44] Think-tanks from multiple countries received funding from British American Tobacco, Japan Tobacco International and Philip Morris International, alongside governments as they argued against tobacco controls (James to enter individual countries). [45] Philip Morris has previously donated to one of Australia’s most prominent right-wing think tank, the Institute of Public Affairs (IPA). [46] 2018
New Zealand Fashion Week PR Several fashion labels turned down a sponsorship proposal from Philip Morris International that would have seen the tobacco pay their fees and venue costs for the fashion labels to appear at the 2019 New Zealand Fashion Week. [47] 2019
Munich Security Conference Event Johannes Hahn, Vice President Illicit Trade Prevention at Philip Morris International previously spoke at one of Munich Security Conference -related events on Transnational Security in Minsk, Belarus. [48] 2019
Politico Advertising British American Tobacco and Philip Morris International advertised with Politico in June 2019. [49] 2019
TBMEvolution Event Philip Morris International's VP of Digital Capability Development & Training talked at TBMEvolution's 3rd Annual eCommerce & Digital Engagement summit [50] 2019
IsoNTech Conference Event Developers, manufactures and distributors of eCigsar invited to demonstrate new products and discuss their design and development at IsoNTech Conference. Representatives from British American Tobacco (Chris Proctor), Philip Morris International (Gizelle Baker) and Juul (Erik Augustson) were present. [51] 2019
Globsec Event The PMI IMPACT Conference It Takes a Network to Combat Illicit Trade. Achievements, Challenges, Opportunities, and Solutions is one of the three conferences leading up to the annual GLOBSEC 2019 Bratislava Forum alongside Forbes’ Under 30 Summit Global Retreat and Central European Think Tank Forum, and is scheduled to take place on June 5-6, 2019 in the Sheraton Hotel in Bratislava, Slovakia. The agenda can be found here.[52] 2019
Concordia Summit Sponsorship Philip Morris International sponsored the 2018 Concordia Summit in New York. [53] In 2020, CEO André Calantzopoulos presented high-level remarks during the 2020 Concordia Annual Summit exploring “Leading Industry Transformation with Purpose”.[16] 2020
Thirteen (McCann World Group Holdings) PR Philip Morris International appointed Thirteen on a project basis for an undisclosed IQOS product launch. [54] 2018
Halogen Lobbying According to a Public Interest Investigation website, Powerbase, Halogen Communications has been working with Philip Morris International to undermine the Scottish government's plan packaging laws. [55] 2018
Klive PR Philip Morris International, along with several other brands and startups, have signed on to work with Klive – a new agency founded by a cohort of ex-Omnicom and WPP marketers. [56] 2018
Instinctif Partners Lobbying The UK Public Aīairs and Lobbying Register from June-August 2016 lists Philip Morris UK as one of Instinctif Partners clients. [57] 2015
Other Creative London PR In October 2018, Philip Morris launched "Hold my light" with a campaign website and a film in which a woman navigates a maze of lasers to relinquish her cigarette lighter to a group of friends. The film was created by Trigger, while content is by Other Creative. Biddable media and programmatic video display was handled by Merkle Periscopix and Amplifi. [58] The company was also responsible for Philip Morris'imagery behind the 2018 New Year's resolution announcement. [59] 2018
Merkle Periscopix PR In October 2018, Philip Morris launched "Hold my light" with a campaign website and a film in which a woman navigates a maze of lasers to relinquish her cigarette lighter to a group of friends. The film was created by Trigger, while content is by Other Creative. Biddable media and programmatic video display was handled by Merkle Periscopix and Amplifi. [58] 2018
Amplifi PR In October 2018, Philip Morris launched "Hold my light" with a campaign website and a film in which a woman navigates a maze of lasers to relinquish her cigarette lighter to a group of friends. The film was created by Trigger, while content is by Other Creative. Biddable media and programmatic video display was handled by Merkle Periscopix and Amplifi. [58] 2018
Trigger PR In October 2018, Philip Morris launched "Hold my light" with a campaign website and a film in which a woman navigates a maze of lasers to relinquish her cigarette lighter to a group of friends. The film was created by Trigger, while content is by Other Creative. Biddable media and programmatic video display was handled by Merkle Periscopix and Amplifi. [58] 2018
Pagefield Communications PR

Official statement on working with the tobacco industry: "Working for a tobacco company is always a contentious decision for agencies like ours, especially when the role involves reputation management. Too many consultancies – if they take on that work – are only too happy to conceal the work they are doing.

We did the opposite from day one of our three-year partnership with Philip Morris’s Reduced Risk business.

Up on our website went the Philip Morris logo. Three years later and as recently as last night, we won an international PR industry award for our work launching the groundbreaking IQOS – a reduced risk, heat-not-burn product which is 95 percent less harmful than standard cigarettes. Getting shortlisted against far less contentious brands was a victory in itself. Winning for work with a tobacco brand was a massive achievement and a pleasant but not complete surprise.

We were in a fortunate situation. First and foremost, we had already made the decision that if we were to work Philip Morris, it would be because it was creating viable, safer and scientifically-proven alternatives to traditional tobacco products.

When they approached us to help lay the groundwork for the launch of IQOS, it was an easy decision. This – alongside the business’ move towards reinventing itself – made for a worthwhile and fascinating brief.

So, what lessons have we learnt from this campaign that are applicable to other distrusted companies planning to launch a significant, transformative new product or business model?

Firstly, the work we all do for our clients is essentially about developing a robust argument. This does not need to be in the confrontational sense. It can be a strident view, a case or perhaps just a story. But central to all of these there is usually a position which is designed to convey or convince, with evidence in support. Essentially, this is all about putting across the position of our clients in the most interesting and convincing way – but most crucially, always remaining loyal to facts and values.

Second, equally important is the purpose (or values) behind the transformation. For the first time Philip Morris was prepared to commit to a smoke-free future. Purpose was put ahead of product and that made for a more captivating story.

Third is the power of transparency. In a highly regulated market where advertising of tobacco products is illegal, it was crucial for Philip Morris to open up as much as possible. Historically, tobacco businesses have been evasive and reluctant to do this. We therefore made an early decision to push to be as transparent as possible. What better way to do this than giving The Today programme full access to the story and Philip Morris’ headquarters and research and development centre in Switzerland.

Tobacco businesses, like other businesses in controversial sectors, will never fully escape their past and earn the halo that less contentious businesses can earn. But if they are finally trying to change and are investing billions in creating products and scientific solutions that will eventually consign cigarettes to the past, then why shouldn’t people know about it?"[60]

2017 SABRE awards winners for launching IQOS and Helping the Tobacco Giant Quit Smoking [61]

In June 2020, Pagefield sent news outlets press releases that appeared to attempt to discredit NHS and council stop-smoking services, which are understood to create vast net savings nationally by helping people to stop smoking. Pagefield did not initially say it was working on behalf of Philip Morris International. [62]

Feinstein Kean Healthcare PR Feinstein Kean Healthcare, wholly owned subsidiary of Ogilvy PR, provides an array of communications and consulting services to biotechnology, pharmaceutical and other healthcare companies. As of March 2018, Lynn Blenkhorn is listed as a media contact for the Philip Morris-funded Foundation for a Smoke-Free World. [63] 2017
CNC Communications, now KEKST CNC PR Kekst CNC's clients include a broad range of public and private companies, institutions, alternative investment firms, and non-profit organizations. [64] Tobacco Tactics reposrts CNC listed Philip Morris as a client in the 2014 EU Transparency Register. [65] 2014
Mercury Public Affairs PR Altria's key lobbying firm in Washington DC, Mercury was also hired by the Foundation for a Smoke-Free World. [66] In 2018, the Foundation spent USD 665 000 with Mercury Public Affairs. [67] 2018
FIM Moto GP Sponsorship The two organisations have collaborated for 26 years. As of 2019, PMI claims the partnership will focus on “advancing the cause of a smoke-free world”. [68] 2019
One Young World Event Anti-Illicit Trade Intelligence Manager for Philip Morris International, Mustapha Ramli was one of the delegates for the 2018 One Young World Conference. [69] One Young World is a UK-based charity that gathers together young leaders from around the world. [70] 2018
Cross My Heart Productions LLC Event USD 770,073 Media and Production contract with the Foundation for a Smoke-Free World, according to Form 990 PF (2018). [71] 2018
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