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Organization/Company Tobacco company relationship Relationship type Evidence of past or present formalized relationship
Center for Policy and Governance (CPU Research CPU conducted a study on the key aspects of the informal economy in Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro, Croatia and Serbia. The study was funded by PMI Impact. [1] 2021
Japan Foundation Sponsorship The Foundation has previously received funding from Japan Tobacco International. In 2021, Japan Tobacco International and Philip Morris International were sponsor of the Foundation's Future of Asia conference. [2] On May 17, organizers announced that Philip Morris International (PMI)’s Chief Executive Officer, Jacek Olczak, had cancelled his appearance at this year’s “The Future of Asia” conference and Philip Morris Japan (PMJ)’s logo was removed from the list of event sponsors.[3] 2021
Frost & Sullivan Research A paper by Frost & Sullivan in collaboration with Philip Morris International titled, “Tobacco Harm Reduction and Novel Nicotine and Tobacco Products: Evidence from the Japanese Market,” has found that the entry of HTPs has led to a drop of 34% in cigarettes sales. [4] 2021
The National University of Ireland Research The National University of Ireland senate awarded a higher doctorate to a US-based academic despite concerns over his past tobacco industry links. Higher doctorates recognise significant published work in a field, which academics must pay several thousand euro to apply for. Dr Daniel Ennis, an Irish-born academic who previously worked for US tobacco giant Philip Morris, had applied for a higher doctorate of science. [5] 2021
The Duke Center for Smoking Cessation Research The Duke Center for Smoking Cessation was initially funded by the Philip Morris corporation with over $37 million dollars. [6]
Meridian Events, Grants Meridian, one of PMI’s global grant initiative grantees, worked with PMI Impact in 2020 to deliver six events on “illicit economies”. According to Tobacco Tactics,the event included participants from the United States Department of Agriculture, USAID, representatives from the Ministry of Economic & Trade Affairs of Israel, among others. [7] 2020
The Basel Institute on Governance Research The Basel Institute on Governance received vital funding from PMI IMPACT to launch a project using their deep understanding of corruption to tackle the illegal wildlife trafficking. [8] 2019
USAID Service Provider Existing projects in Malawi run in partnership with USAID’s Feed the Future program and focus on trialing new varieties of crops and improving how soybean and groundnuts are cultivated.[9]:113 2019
Conciencia Research; Service-provider PMI’s Argentina affiliate, Massalín Particulares is working with an NGO Conciencia on eliminating child and forced labor. [9]:115 2019
Center for Digital Inclusion Research; Service-provider Philip Morris International is working with NGO Center for Digital Inclusion in Brazil to provide schools located in rural tobacco-growing areas with computer classes and access to technology.[9]:167 2019
Mekong Club Grantee Mekong Club is one of the grantees of the second funding round of PMI IMPACT. [10] 2020
ABF Lab Grantee ABF Lab (Analytisch-biologisches Forschungslabor) received funding from the Foundation for a Smoke-Free World in 2018 for “Phase 1 Biomarker Research” [11]:47 Max Scherer and Nikola Pluy from ABF also presented at Foundation for a Smoke-Free World Health, Science and Technology grantee meeting in May 2019. They provided an update on their project named: "Identification of biomarkers of exposure (BoEx) to different nicotine product user groups" [12] 2018
Euromonitor Grantee Philip Morris International and PMI Impact announced it would be funding market research company Euromonitor. [11]:51 2018
The Influence Foundation Grantee/ Sponsorship In 2019, both Philip Morris International and the Foundation For a Smoke-Free World were listed as funders of The Influence Foundation, owner of the online harm-reduction magazine, Filter. [11]:51 2018
Industry Transformation Coalition Member Philip Morris International is a member of the Industry Transformation Coalition, a community of corporations and organizations who are "embracing the challenge of business." [13] 2020
Transnational Alliance to Combat Illicit Trade (TRACIT) Member Philip Morris International is listed as one of TRACIT's members. [14] 2020
Ukrainian Institute for the Future Grantee The Ukrainian Institute for the Future has received funding from PMI Impact in 2019 to work on a project to research and engage with the public on the illicit tobacco trade.[15] 2019
Retailers Against Smuggling Grantee An academic institute based in Warsaw. This organisation received PMI Impact funding to research illicit trade in the EU. In 2019, the Institute of Law Studies organised a conference entitled “Combatting Illegal Tobacco Trade in the Era of Fast Change”. According to conference documents, the event was “organized by the ILS PAS presenting the outcome of research supported under the PMI Impact”. In a statement the organisation said: “The Institute has been established over 60 years ago, we value our academic freedom and we would never allow or endorse any publications which do not comply with the standards commonly accepted in the academic world.”[16] 2019
JHM-Pesquisa e Consultoria em Segurança Grantee JHM Pesquisa has received PMI Impact funding for a project to analyse illegal trade and related crimes in South America. It has also organised events in Brazil with TRACIT (Transnational Alliance to Combat Illicit Trade) on illicit tobacco trade. TRACIT is closely aligned with the tobacco industry.[17] 2019
Knowledge Action Change Event This London-based business describes itself as a “private sector public health agency.” It has received more than USD 1 million in contracts from the Foundation For A Smoke-Free World. It also organizes the Global Forum on Nicotine which has links with the tobacco industry.[18] 2019
Home Factasia Member Factasia, a Hong Kong-based lobby group, promotes looser regulations of tobacco and e-cigarettes across Asia. It says it does not act as an industry mouthpiece. Philip Morris International is one of its supporters.[19] 2020
EFFAT Member The European Federation of Food, Agriculture and Tourism Trade Unions (EFFAT) represents 120 trade unions across the European Union. Leaked internal documents from Philip Morris International have revealed that EFFAT’s tobacco lobbying activities were part of a larger, comprehensive and well-financed PMI campaign to undermine tobacco control policy. It denies tobacco industry funding. Some of its member unions represent tobacco companies.[20] 2020
Polish Confederation Lewiatan Member Polish organisation with members from BAT Poland and PMI Poland. Its website lists the organisation’s activities over the last 15 years, among which is successfully campaigning against tax rises and other benefits for the tobacco industry.[21] 2018
International Chamber of Commerce Member This Paris-based organization was founded in 1919 and bills itself as the world's largest business organization. It regularly issues reports sympathetic to the tobacco industry and lobbied against plain packaging proposals. British American Tobacco, Japan Tobacco International and Philip Morris International sit on its influential anti counterfeiting and piracy initiative.[22] 2020
US ASEAN Business Council Event The US-ASEAN Business Council concluded a four day Senior Executives Business Mission to Vietnam today with a meeting with Prime Minister H.E. Nguyen Xuan Phuc. Companies participating in the mission included Philip Morris. [23] 2017
Digital Coding Tracking Association (DCTA) Member The Digital Coding and Tracking Association (DCTA) is a front group, launched in 2013 by the four multinational tobacco companies: British American Tobacco, Imperial Tobacco, Japan Tobacco International and Philip Morris International. The DCTA has promoted the industry’s tobacco tracking and tracing technology, Codentify, often without disclosing its relationship to the tobacco industry. [24] 2020
Transparency International Turkey Grantee This organisation has received funding from PMI Impact in 2019 to carry out an initiative to tackle illict trade, including tobacco. The project is said to focus on "research, advocacy, awareness raising and capacity building activities". [25] 2019
Society for International Development Member Philip Morris International became the newest dues-paying member of the Washington chapter of the Society for International Development, an international network committed to advancing global development. [26] 2019
American Enterprise Institute Grantee According to a Guardian report, in 2017, the AEI wrote a letter to the US FDA, encouraging the agency to approve Philip Morris International's IQOS product for sale in the US. The letter said: "It is imperative that current US smokers have access to and be properly informed about safer options. [27] 2017
American Legislative Exchange Council (Alec) Grantee In 2017, the group wrote to the US FDA in support of IQOS, a product Philip Morris hopes to sell in the US market as less risky than cigarettes. PR Watch reported in 2014 that “tobacco conglomerate Philip Morris/Altria gave Alec $1,426,700 between 1995 and 2010 – significantly more than the approximately $50,000 a year it was previously reported to have given Alec." [27] 2017
Americans for Tax Reform Lobbying In 2017, Americans for Tax Reform wrote to the US FDA in support of IQOS, a Philip Morris International product. [27] 2017
Cato Institute Member As far back as 2000, internal Philip Morris documents made public through litigation show the Cato Institute listed as one of the company’s "national allies". [27] 2013
Fraser Institute Grantee Between 2012, the Fraser Institute accepted $100,000 from Philip Morris International, for “publishing research studies", according to Philip Morris' charitable disclosures. [27] 2012
Goldwater Institute Lobbying The Goldwater Institute has opposed tobacco taxes and supported Philip Morris International’s applications to sell new tobacco products in the US. In 2018, the Goldwater Institute's director of healthcare policy testified in favor of FDA approval for IQOS. [27] 2017
Heritage Foundation Lobbying The group has also opposed increase regulation on vaping. In 2017, the FDA was reviewing whether to allow Philip Morris International to sell a new product which heats but does not burn tobacco, called IQOS. That year, Heritage called on Congress to “stop blocking alternatives" to smoking. In 2018, the Heritage Foundation called on Congress and the US FDA to loosen e-cigarette regulations. The same year, a Heritage scholar testified to the FDA that IQOS had an “impressive record" and should be approved.[27] 2016
Independent Women's Forum Lobbying In 2017, an Independent Women’s Forum scholar testified to the US FDA that it should approve a new Philip Morris International product called IQOS, which heats but does not burn tobacco, so it does not unintentionally “punish women" by making it more difficult for them to quit smoking. An FDA advisory panel rejected Philip Morris's claims that the stick would be safer than smoking.[27] 2017
Institute for Policy Innovation Lobbying The Institute for Policy Innovation argued the US FDA should approve a new Philip Morris International product called IQOS for sale in the US. The product heats tobacco but does not burn it. In its comments, the Institute argued tobacco control "has partially morphed into a movement that is simply in opposition to tobacco companies". [27] NA
James Madison Institute Lobbying In 2018, the James Madison Institute testified the US FDA should approve the new Philip Morris International product, IQOS, which heats but does not burn tobacco. [27] 2016
John Locke Foundation Lobbying The John Locke Foundation has argued in support of selling new Philip Morris products in the United States. In 2017, the group joined several other free-market think-tanks to argue the US FDA should approve the PMI product the IQOS. [27] 2017
Maryland Public Policy Institute Lobbying The Maryland Public Policy Institute has repeatedly opposed tobacco taxes and supported the sale of new Philip Morris products. In 2017, the Maryland Public Policy Institute and several other free market thinktanks urged the US FDA to approve a new Philip Morris International product called IQOS for sale in the US. [27] 2017
R Street Institute Lobbying The R Street Institute has argued against regulating vaping products, while accepting donations from tobacco companies. In 2013, a physician identified as R Street Institute's "senior fellow in tobacco policy" argued for less regulation of e-cigarettes in a written comment to US FDA rule-making. As well, in 2017, the group testified to regulators that Philip Morris International “did a great job" in it application to sell its new IQOS product in the United States. An FDA advisory panel rejected Philip Morris's claims that the stick would be safer than smoking. [27] 2017
State Policy Network Lobbying Affiliated thinktanks, such as the Public Policy Foundation of West Virginia, have also lobbied the US FDA to approve a new Philip Morris product called IQOS, which heats tobacco but does not burn it, for sale in the US. An FDA advisory panel rejected Philip Morris's claims that the stick would be safer than smoking. The group has accepted multiple donations from tobacco makers in the last 10 years.[27] 2016
TechFreedom Lobbying TechFreedom has written favorably to the US FDA about a new Philip Morris International product called IQOS, which heats but does not burn tobacco. TechFreedom wrote the agency should “expeditiously" approve the new product. [27] 2017
Verite (2016) Contractor Philip Morris International's global program partner, Verité has guided the development of the company’s Agricultural Labor Practices Program Progress Code and the approach to dealing with labor issues in tobacco-growing. [28] 2018
International Organization for Migration Grantee Philip Morris International partnered with the International Organization for Migration (IOM) to provide assistance to the most vulnerable migrants and reduce exploitation and other forms of human-rights abuses in Italy's agricultural sector. The collaboration addressed immediate material needs, supports better access to social services, and provides legal and social counseling. The organization also provided emergency support to IOM in Serbia and the former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia to build winterproof facilities for migrants at all stages of their journey. [29] 2016
Europtimum Lobbying The office of former French MEP Dominique Vlasto nurtured a special relationship with Europtimum, a lobby consultancy firm based in Strasbourg. Edouard Debra, the director and founder of Europtimum, is a former parliamentary assistant of Vlasto. Philip Morris International was one of Europtimum's largest clients, generating between EUR 150,000 and 200,000 turnover for Europtimum in 2013. Philip Morris France was another client, generating between EUR 50,000 and EUR100,000 in 2013. [30] 2014
Institute for Democracy and Economic Affairs Grantee According to Tobacco Watch, the Malaysian libertarian think tank Institute for Democracy and Economic Affairs started receiving funds from Japan Tobacco International and Philip Morris in 2015. That same year, the organization started publicly opposing to tobacco control measures. [31] 2015
Rahmat Lim & Partners, Malaysia (Allen & Gledhill) Litigation Law firm for Philip Morris (Malaysia) Sdn Bhd [32] 2018
Bustaman & Co Litigation Law firm for Philip Morris (Malaysia) Sdn Bhd [32] 2018
Australian Institute for Progress Lobbying The Australian Institute for Progress (AIP) has opposed plain packaging, questions the World Health Organization’s (WHO) capacity to control tobacco use, and criticized renowned tobacco control groups in south-east Asia. In 2016, the group’s former director, Dr Gary Johns, now the Commissioner of Australian Charities, attacked the World Health Organization's proposed international convention on tobacco for lacking transparency and excluding debate. The Southeast Asia Tobacco Control Alliance (SEATCA) said Johns’ letter was "riddled with false accusations". In 2018, the Australian Institute for Progress also signed onto a letter to the WHO opposing plain packaging, which removes branding from cigarette packs. Johns also consulted for the the International Tax and Investment Center, which at the time received funding from Philip Morris International, British American Tobacco, Japan Tobacco International and Imperial Brands tobacco. In his role at the ITIC, Johns attacked SEATCA as an “instrument of the World Health Organization".[27] 2018
Institute for Democracy and Economic Affairs (Ideas) Grantee It received funding from a Philip Morris International affiliate in 2015, and from a second in 2016 and 2017. It also received funds from Japan Tobacco International in 2015 and 2017. In response to questions from the Guardian, British American Tobacco said it donated to Ideas, but did not disclose which years.[27] 2017
Ukrainian Economic Freedoms Foundation Grantee Philip Morris donated $150,000 to the Ukrainian Economic Freedoms Foundation in 2017. In response to questions from the Guardian, Japan Tobacco disclosed it donated to the Foundation, though did not disclose which years. British American Tobacco said it currently supports this organization.[27] 2017
Oxford Economics Grantee Philip Morris International Management, one of PMI’s affiliates in Switzerland paid for a report prepared by Oxford Economics that found 52.3 percent of Malaysian cigarettes were illicit. [33] 2018
American European Community Association Member Philip Morris International is listed amongst members of the organization. [34] 2019
American Chamber of Commerce in Hong Kong Member Philip Morris Asia Limited has been a member of the Organization since January 2015 [35] and sponsored a number of events. [36] </ref> 2015
Kantar Research According to Tobacco Tactics, in 2018 Kantar undertook a USD 466,212 ‘State of Smoking Survey' on behalf of the Foundation for a Smoke-Free world. [37] 2018
The Kangaroo Group Member The Kangaroo Group promotes free trade across the European Union. In 2017, the Group’s tobacco industry members were listed as Barry Ronan from British American Tobacco, Mario Muller from the Confederation of European Community Cigarette Manufacturers, Alan Hardacre from Imperial Tobacco, Kristof Doms from Philip Morris International and Paolo Bochicchio from Japan Tobacco International. [38] 2017
The International Network of Nicotine Consumer Organisations (INNCO) Grantee Foundation for a Smoke-Free World awarded INNCO a grant to develop a business plan, which aims to “represent consumers of low-risk, alternative nicotine products and to promote tobacco harm reduction on the global stage.” [39] In 2020, the International Network of Nicotine Consumer Organisations (INNCO) received a grant of US D 65,000 to: “assist the organization in its work to garner consensus and support for COP 9 to consider harm reduction as integral to tobacco control”.


Factasia Member Factasia, a Hong Kong-based lobby group, promotes looser regulations of tobacco and e-cigarettes across Asia. Philip Morris International is one of its supporters, listed on its website. [41] 2020
Coalition of Asia Pacific Tobacco Harm Reduction Advocates (CAPHRA) Member CAPHRA is a member of Foundation for a Smoke Free World-funded International Network of Nicotine Consumer Organisations and founded by Knowledge Action Change [42] 2020
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